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Jun 19, 2004
Be yourself.

Why is it that everyone wants to be something that they're not?

The fat girls want to be skinny.  The skinny girls want bigger boobs.  The brunettes want to be blonde.  The blondes want so be seen as something other than dumb.  Those with curly hair spend hours straightening it.  Those with straight hair spend big bucks on perms and products to create curls.  Those who are single are dying for a mate.  Those who have someone are trying to find a way to escape so they can go back to the "free" life of checking out anyone and everyone.

And what happens when you get what you want?  That one thing is no longer important and you go on to something else that needs to be changed.  People have become greedy and shallow.  You can't be complete.  You must have it all.  You can never be good enough.  You have to be like everyone else, and then a little bit better.  When you first meet someone you pretend to be different, to be better than the real you.  But what you don't realize is the other person is doing the exact same thing.  You become fake until you can trust the other fake person enough to let your guard down.  That's when you start acting like yourself.  And that's when you both realize that the real person that you know now is much better than the fake one that you first met.

It would be easier to get to know people if you would just be yourself.  You're most comfortable when you are really being yourself.  Your true strength as a person is in your differences.  You can't stop pretending and wishing to be something you're not until you realize this.  Others love you because you’re different, because of your special and unique qualities.  Not because you're the same as everyone else.  God made everyone different for a reason.  Embrace that.

Posted at 03:05 am by esjay
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Many people throw very random things into gloveboxes.  My friend's little sister on the other hand thinks that anything semi-important needs to be put in the glovebox of their boat before you even think about going out for a little cruise.  That glovebox is somewhere safe, somewhere you can keep things that you don't want to be lost, a place that most people don't even think about looking.

Well, this is my "glovebox."  Very corny, I know.  Honestly though, this is where I can put down my thoughts, views, opinions, and feelings.  Things that are stupid, smart, meaningless, and very important all in the same place.  Things that some of my friends have never heard, but that's only because they never asked.  Your thoughts are too important to go unheard.  It doesn't matter who's listening as long as someone is.  Take a glimpse into this glovebox, and maybe you can get a glimpse of me.

Posted at 02:45 am by esjay
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